About Site

This page contains technical details about the site. It is in lieu of technical documentation.

The page should not be deleted. It will be moved from the Index before the site is published. It should not be added to any index or made public. 

Anyone updating the technical structure of the site should update this document, where appropriate.

For security it is also held on the associated Google Drive.

Site Overview

This site has been created by Dave Sutton and Julia Vegh who is the site administrator.

The site is password protected. The password is managed by Julia and is known only by Dave and Austin Thomas, Chairman of Southport Badminton Club.

There is also a gmail account sbcmerseyside@gmail.com. The password is also known by the same group of people. It is different from the WordPress password. This is also used to access Google Drive, Forms and the Calendar.

Personal Information

Personal information (eg members’ contact details) is held on a restricted page.  The password is only available to a limited number of people who need it to contact members. Julia will change this password from time to time to ensure it remains secure.

Junior members’ information has an additional level of security. Access is limited to named individuals who are able to view the information but not download or share it. The file is held on Google Drive where accessed is limited to named individuals by attaching their emails. Downloading is also inhibited.

Messages and Comments

Any message or comment left on the site is held in a secure area before it is dealt with or published by the site administrator.  Names and email addresses associated with messages and comments will be treated as confidential.

It should be noted that they are automatically treated as junk and therefore should be moved out of Junk if an audit is required.

Site Design (notes for any future developer)

This site was designed using the free version of WordPress in conjunction with Gmail, Google Drive, Google Forms and Google Calendar.  As such it has limited capability.

The current cost of upgrading to the professional version is $99 per year. There is currently no benefit in doing this.

No domain name has been purchased. The default WordPress name is used.

In order to provide access to membership details and the calendar from a mobile, a separate site has been set up: http://www.mobilesbc.wordpress.com. This site is deliberately minimalistic to reduce download times and make it easier to read. It uses the same calendar and membership details that are held on the main site. Both are accessed from Google Drive.

Google Drive is used so that files can be accessed from WordPress, rather than just downloaded. The problem with downloaded files is that they can’t be opened unless the user has Microsoft Office (or equivalent). This is likely to be an issue for Tablet and Mobile users.

Google drive may be accessed by going to http://www.google.co.uk, logging in  using the sbcmerseyside@gmail.com password and then pressing the apps icon (9 dots).

The method of placing a link from a file on Google Drive, is to use the “Share” function and copy the link that is displayed. The link is then copied into WordPress.

A problem identified during testing Tablets was that 2nd and 3rd level indexes may not work correctly on. To overcome this 2nd level indexes are used sparingly, and are always replicated with a link to the page from the first level index page.

In order to enable this page to be hidden and to simplify changing index entries, the default index isn’t used.

Although the site has been developed using the simple on-line WordPress, there is a full free version that may be run on WAMP. If it is intended to upgrade to the professional  version it is recommended that this is used to verify that the upgrade is cost effective.

If the site needs major reword, at some stage, it is recommended that the Google website tool is also considered.

The site isn’t currently searchable using Google. Once it is referenced on the Sefton and League sites it will be visible from them. It isn’t known if they will be accessible from WordPress as Google takes time to find new addresses and doesn’t pick up everything. If it needs to be searchable then a domain name may be required. These cost between £7 and £20 per year. They can be attached to the WordPress site.






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