About Southport Badminton Club

This site has been created for Southport Badminton Club by Dave Sutton and Julia Vegh who is the site administrator.

The site is password protected. The password is managed by Julia and is known only by Dave and Austin Thomas, Chairman of Southport Badminton Club.

Personal Information

Personal information (E.g. Club members’ contact details) is held on a restricted page.  The password is only available to a limited number of people who need it to contact members. Julia will change this password from time to time to ensure it remains secure.

Southport Badminton Club Junior members’ information has an additional level of security. Access is limited to named individuals who are able to view the information but not download or share it.

Messages and Comments

Any message or comment left on the site is held in a secure area before it is dealt with or published by the site administrator.  Names and email addresses associated with messages and comments will be treated as confidential.

Site Design (notes for any future developer)

This site was designed using the free version of WordPress in conjunction with Google Drive, Google Forms and Google Calendar.  As such it has limited capability.

The user id and password for accessing Google is known by Julia, Dave and Austin.


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